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While we believe we can find the perfect plan for anyone, many of our clients fall into one of the scenarios below. If you are looking to chart your own course or need non-traditional medical insurance, you can feel confident dropping anchor at Shoreline Insurance.

  • On Medicare?

    For many people, Medicare coverage simply doesn’t meet their actual needs. Supplemental insurance is readily available – to the point that seniors are often bombarded with mail and advertisements for Medicare supplement policies.

    Choosing a legitimate plan can be difficult. Let Shoreline help you identify the right type of insurance supplement and find it at a great price.

  • Retired without Medicare?

    Health insurance for retirees goes far beyond Medicare. Whether you are ineligible for Medicare coverage or have a unique situation you need assistance with, our insurance agents have a great knack for finding the best health insurance for early retirees or anyone else who doesn’t quite “fit the system.”

  • Unhappy with Your Employer-Provided Coverage?

    Employer-provided plans can be a great option, but are often expensive or limited. If you are in need of a private individual health insurance plan as an alternative to your employer-provided plan, or need additional coverage for family members, we can help.

  • Self-Employed?

    As the captain of your own ship, you get to make the decisions about how your business is run, the products and services you offer, and when you take vacation time.

    However, this also means sorting through health insurance policies. Get navigational help on health insurance for self-employed individuals and their families at Shoreline.

  • Unemployed?

    If you are recently unemployed, COBRA benefits are designed to tide you over for the short term. However, COBRA’s not your only option. In fact, the Shoreline team has been able to find more affordable health insurance for the unemployed in many situations.

    For short-term insurance solutions that keep you afloat, contact us today.

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3. Is anyone taking medications? If so, list the name of the medication and the dosage and if it is brand or generic.

4. Does anyone have any medical conditions that require ongoing treatment? If so, explain and include treatment plan.

5. Does anyone use tobacco products (on average more than 4x per week in the past 6 months)? If so, please indicate which applicant and estimated use.

6. Do you have the option for employer-sponsored coverage?

7. If you have coverage currently, what is your 2014 deductible/coinsurance amount, 2014 premium amount, carrier name and group ID or renewal code? (if applicable)

8. What is the reason for new coverage? Ie. Loss of group coverage, life change, moving to a new service area, shopping to lower rates etc...

9. Do you have a particular clinic or provider you’d like to keep? Please include their name, clinic and address.

10. What is your estimated household modified adjusted gross income for 2015? (If similar to 2013 refer to Line 4 on Form 1040EZ, Line 21 on Form 1040A, or Line 37 on Form 1040)*

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*This will determine if you meet the requirements for a premium subsidy. If you are within 100-400% of the federal poverty guideline, then you may qualify for a subsidy. Refer to the table found here for income levels:

If you qualify and would like to pursue the possibility of a premium subsidy, please fill out this line. If you feel you wouldn’t qualify or would prefer not to take a subsidy then please note that on this line.

If you have specific questions or would like to talk to an agent about your unique situation, connect with the Shoreline team today!