About Shoreline Insurance Group

Whether you are on Medicare, self-employed, unemployed, or just need some extra coverage, find straightforward solutions at Shoreline Insurance Group

The healthcare system today has been complicated to the point that most people feel lost in the process. Instead of trying to wade through hundreds of pages of legal jargon to see if that prescription is covered, turn to Shoreline Insurance. We’ve helped to alleviate the concerns of people just like you by delivering personalized insurance plans that offer affordable, wide-spanning protection. Let our specialists deal with the paperwork so your health plan doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Our Approach

To give you the best possible deal on quality medical insurance, our approach is built around three core ideas:

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You Deserve Great Care.

No healthcare insurance policy is “one size fits all.” Each individual should have a plan tailored to his or her needs and an agent invested in providing that custom plan. At Shoreline, you will always receive personal service and personal solutions.

Whether you need supplemental insurance for Medicare, self-employed health insurance, retiree health insurance outside Medicare, health insurance for the unemployed, or something else, we’ll find the right plan for you.

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You Can Have Great Care at a Low Cost.

As your “personal shopper” of the healthcare world, we love finding you a brag-worthy bargain. Shopping the market and leveraging insurance broker contracts, our experts thrive on the thrill of the hunt – ultimately meaning you get a fantastic plan that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Plus, Shoreline’s services are free for you, our client.

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Great Care Doesn’t Have to Mean Great Confusion.

The healthcare industry is changing, evolving, and confusing. Our agents have worked hard to gain industry expertise and a thorough understanding of health insurance options so that you don’t have to. We’ll help lift the fog surrounding MNSure, the Affordable Care Act, eligibility requirements, enrollment processes, and more.

Our History

Make an informed decision with guidance and support from Allison Kraus and the rest of the Shoreline Insurance crew

Allison Kraus owns Shoreline Insurance Group, a full-service individual health insurance and Medicare agency that has been helping clients navigate the turbulent waters of health insurance since 2005.

With deep knowledge of the industry and a passion for outstanding customer service, Allison and her crew of health insurance specialists are dedicated to protecting you and your family through affordable health plans ideal for your needs.

Our Carriers & Coverage

Shoreline is dedicated to guiding you to the best insurance choices for your individual needs. Below are some of our carriers and the kinds of insurance we can help you secure.

Individual/Family Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Health Partners
Preferred One


Aetna Coventry

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Health Partners







Humana One
Spirit Dental
Delta Dental

Travel Insurance


Small Group Coverage


Allina Health | Aetna

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Health Partners


Preferred One


Our Clients

Read some of our client success stories to get an idea of how Shoreline can help you navigate the often murky and confusing health insurance waters.

Steve M. in Bloomington found an alternative to COBRA

“Having heard that getting private health insurance was all but simple I was expecting the worse when I found myself in the market for family coverage. Then I heard Allison Kraus speak and was quickly taken with her passion and professionalism in a subject as abstruse as insurance. Impressed, I turned to Allison for help. After accessing my families unique needs, Allison provided us several options and a recommendation. She made the entire process understandable and relatively painless. In less than one month, my family is now once again covered by a quality health insurance plan that is a fraction of the cost my Cobra would be. I entrusted my family to Allison and she delivered. Thank you!”

Kevin D. in Minneapolis found Self Employed Insurance

“Allison is the BEST. She saved my family more than $225 a month on health insurance last year by shopping around for a better policy that costs less, but keeps us with the same doctor. It’s added up to more than $2,700 in savings. She gets paid by the insurance companies and not by you, so you literally have nothing to lose and a whole bunch of money to save by calling Allison. Plus, she’s a friendly, terrific person you’ll love talking to. I recommend her to everyone I know!”

Lindsey T. in Plymouth found Self Employed Insurance

“Thank you so much for all your help throughout this process. If it weren’t for you, it would have been nearly impossible. You kept me up to date and answered all my questions so promptly. I really appreciate it…God bless people like you!”

Lori S. in Eden Prairie found supplemental insurance for Medicare

“I met with Allison Kraus yesterday and was quite impressed with her. She did some work ahead of time based on information I gave her. She was very knowledgeable. She’s young but I won’t hold that against her. She has been in the business several years and loves her job. She gets paid by the various insurance companies so there’s no charge to the client. 

“I came home with a lot of information and her recommendation for me. So it makes the process of choosing insurance supplemental to Medicare very easy. I would highly recommend her! (She also works with people with other health insurance needs.) Thank you for the referral.”

Authorized independent agent / agency for Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota and Blue Plus®, nonprofit independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association